Remotesoft .NET Obfuscator

Remotesoft .NET Obfuscator 2.0

A .NET code protection tool that offers technologies to protect your .NET code
2.0 (See all)
Remotesoft Inc

Salamander .NET obfuscator is a .NET code protection tool that offers the most sophisticated technologies to protect your .NET code and intellectual properties. The obfuscator transforms your .NET assemblies (in C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, J#, MSIL, etc.) in such a way that decompilation of the new format would result in source code that is extremely difficult to understand, and virtually impossible to be recompiled.

.NET Compact Framework Support

Our obfuscator works with .NET CF. It obfuscates .NET CF assemblies as usual, and the obfuscated image can be then deployed to WinCE devices. For more info, please read Working with Compact .NET Framework in the user manual.

Source Level Debugging

The obfuscated image can be used to replace the original assembly for debug, since it contains exactly the same information on exceptions, line numbers and other symbolic info, which is impossible to achieve by obfuscators that rely on ildasm-ilasm round trip. For more info, read the Debug and Stack Tracing section in the user manual.

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